The Air Diet: Why Eat When You Can Pretend!


When he comes back, tell him I'm indisposed and shall get back at him tomorrow.

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There were lilies planted in front of the house.


I don't want to kill any man.

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Mesut Ozil is one of the best midfielders in the world.

Sometimes you need to have the courage to make tough decisions.

Todd was bitten by a zombie.

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Miki has been very friendly toward me.

Tyler refused to believe that Reinhard was dead.

They don't want you. They want Wolfgang.

Tell me what you gave Jane.

Each person was given enough food and clothing.

Time to get the hell out of here.

He is my rival in business.


Did you know that rotten eggs float?


The game finished.

Let me know if you need more.

We are adding examples in Berber.


The police found no evidence.

I very much want to speak with you.

That party is always pandering to the middle class.


Young man, enjoy yourself while you are young!

He didn't write me back.

Are these the only ones you have?

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Do you actually want to insult me?

Shane is biting his nails.

I started this topic.

I am looking for room with twin beds.

There's a catch.

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I had to stop by the hospital to see Pia.

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There is a tendency for people to think that hang gliding is dangerous.

Do you have a Twitter account?

He has stayed at the hotel for five days.

He was driving a new red convertible.

You don't have a chance.


We eat roasts and fish in batter.


Curt seems to be searching for something.

Celeste looked straight at me.

Barbara neglected his work.

Never speak ill of others behind their backs.

Let us do all the talking.

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The children were being very quiet.

Why don't I stay with him?

Why did you do that?

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The laughter died down.

Whose are these pens?

To hear him speak English, you would take him for a native speaker.


Have you ever talked to your wife in English?

Desperation makes the soldier or the monk.

He prayed that his mother would forgive him.

Jem pretended he didn't care.

Shawn later changed her mind.


I know that George likes jazz.

Their performance that year was horrible.

Should the word processor go wrong, we guarantee to replace it free of charge.

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I was given a scare by a doctor I interviewed for the TV program who warned me not to rest easy just because I had no allergic symptoms at the moment.

They have been struck by lightning three times.

I am no match for boredom.

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Her carelessness gave rise to the accident.

You're a smart guy.

The botanist carefully recorded the morphological characteristics of the trees.

That's the most beautiful gift I've ever received.

I don't think he wants to marry you.

I still haven't decided what to do.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

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What is that house built out of?

Tell me what it's like in Boston.

I don't want Alexis anywhere near his classmates right now.

This is difficult to believe.

I remember being introduced to him at a party last year.

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Don't impersonate me.

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Love is like the measles. We all have to go through it.

I have the right to say what I think.

Stephen's mower broke down when he was half way through mowing his lawn.

Her desire to be a doctor spurred her on.

I need to learn these skills.

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If you need instructions, check out the enclosed instruction book. If you need instructions on how to check out the enclosed instruction book, check out the enclosed instructions on how to get instructions on how to check out the enclosed instruction book. If you need instructions on how to check out the enclosed instructions, check out the instructions on how to get instructions on how to check out the enclosed instructions on how to get instructions on how to check out the enclosed intruction book. Thank you.


Rajeev doesn't go to school anymore.

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An extremely terrible thing happened to him.

Arthur was looking for Tuna.

I hate your cooking.

I kind of liked you.

Did you shave yesterday?

I wish you all good luck.

Let's hook up later for a beer.

Barry gave the envelope to Karl.

What is my room number?

She came to see me in spite of being busy.

They assumed a victory as their own.

They came in one by one.

I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.

They know very little about my life before I met them.

Debbie is a very nice kid.

Congratulations to all!

The speaker covered the microphone with his hand and whispered something to the woman sitting beside him.

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You have to go back.

Spending money doesn't make me happy, but buying things does.

I think my job is pointless.

Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and of things which are not, that they are not.

Your father has been in Paris, hasn't he?


Please give me some ice for the water.


Annie ate nervously.

I'm telling you it's going to be OK.

I wish there was something I could do.


I can do anything I want.

That you will leave this town, saddens me.

I like to fish.

I'm not certain, but I think so.

Newton's mother remarried and he was left in the care of his grandmother.

We tried to handcuff them.

This song was written by Bryan.

He did not know what to do, and held his head in his hands.

Janice said Mikey wasn't his type.

We knew Lyndon was going to be back.

Your face is red. Are you okay? Perhaps you have a fever?


My neighbors are my friends.

Ken was engaged to Daryl.

Jos arrived at the camp safely.


I feel so pretty.


As a result of the war, many people died.

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Socorrito was a kind and gentle man, well loved by all who knew him.

I'd like to think about it a little bit longer.

Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.


I asked the stationery girl if they take pictures there.

He's not the greatest at math.

Several of them are opposed to the bill.


It's an old organization that uses secret rituals.

Let's just eat.

It was last week.

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My mother is always complaining about me.

It's just that I am a little disappointed, that is all.

I don't remember how tall she is.


What qualities do you most admire in Kristi?

Marco has a wicked sense of humor.

He's a very romantic boyfriend who brings me flowers each night.

Please step aside.

We know that the Sun is bigger than the Earth.

I knew I should've studied French.

He put sour cream in the spaghetti.

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All around the walls hung pictures, and by the great stove stood large Chinese vases with lions on the covers; there were rocking-chairs, silken sofas, great tables covered with picture-books, and toys worth a hundred times a hundred dollars, at least the children said so.


Anthony began to sob.

Who should I call to fix my plumbing?

Your database contains lots of redundancy.

Are you warm enough in such thin clothes?

American-British relations showed improvement.

Why would I give you anything?

My friend Marcelo writes in Latin.

This software carries out Markov Chain Monte Carlo calculations by the use of Gibbs Sampling.

He flouted his mother's advice.

New forms of energy must be developed before oil dries up.

I tore up all the letters that you wrote to me.

You've got my word on that.

Let's keep going.

The U.S. government is to impose two of the sanctions against those countries.

"Confessions" by St. Augustine tells us the timeless story of an intellectual quest that ends in orthodoxy.

Greek is a difficult language.

I need a glue stick.

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It's time you got back to work.