Micah is not happy.

Choose a current affairs issue.

Melinda is taking care of it.

We have a lot in common.

Walter doesn't know who Alvin is going to go to Boston with.

Getting up in the morning and there's someone who says good morning to you - I haven't had this feeling for a long time.


We're going to eat dinner at the Jacksons' tonight.


She doesn't eat much.


It tends to rain here a lot in the summer.

Let's try to get this done.

She approved of my plan.

He was wearing a tux.

At the end of the party, only two guests remained.

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Since Chiro is a cat, he doesn't like lychee.

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The letter was written in code.

In any event, I will do my best.

He had no house to live in.

Mechael isn't married yet.

Travis said he didn't know anyone who could fly a helicopter.


I didn't know that Toft had so many fans.

He called out the name of the winner.

I've eaten a great deal of food this week.

They went to the museum of natural history.

My mother has made me what I am today.


Trent and I both want you to be happy.

Tears of joy rained down their cheeks.

Ahmed closed his briefcase.

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This building is very large.

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Dolphins are good swimmers.

My nurse took me this morning into the streets.

I felt as if my life had been shortened.

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He has this large room to himself.

My sister married a doctor.

The administration approved the budget.

Taro was in a hurry and left his wallet behind.

Naresh will come around.

Is there a shorter road to get there?

I need to convince people to help us.

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I've seen the way he looks at you.

We have a book.

That guitar is so expensive that I can't buy it.

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Pessimists say "I'm not rich." Optimists say "I'm not rich at the moment."


Australia is smaller in size than South America.

You play games too much.

Ron was insecure.

I'd like to see Elliott.

Tolerant was killed in the fire.

Marnix is one tough cookie.

Have you plugged in the sewing machine?

I just got fired.

I will show you some pictures.

He's not sick.

The Johnsons are very sociable people, who enjoy hosting parties often.

What will you do when you grow up?

Do you feel too cold?

I have your schedule here.

We are behind schedule.

Cotton mittens will prevent the baby from scratching her own face.

I thought he was angry at me because I didn't help him build his house.

I handed the mike to him.

The going was rough, but God was on my side.

The girl vanished like magic.

It was a fantastic day.

He turned seventeen in February.

His most important adviser was Henry Kissinger.

You've been high on drugs since you were born.

A trip by boat takes longer than by car.

Cynthia said he didn't want a party on his birthday.

I often play volleyball.


Sergiu came into my office after lunch.

I like salmon. I eat it as often as I can.

Remove the beaters from the mixer before you lick them.

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We don't have to get there on time.

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The young man got up hurriedly, stammered a few words and in a moment was gone.

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Ophiuchus is an outspread but not very prominent constellation.

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It was just a fight.

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What you said is complete nonsense.

I don't have any time to watch TV.

It happened on the 1st of May.

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Last Saturday, my family went to the zoo to see the pandas.

Israel needed rest.

The theory of the Big Bang was proposed in 1927 and expanded in 1929.

Diana wishes he could fly.

If it had not been for your foolishness, we would never have been in that trouble.

He writes poems and novels.

Fiona's letters were becoming less and less frequent.

He always has luck with the ladies.

I've seen it done.


We've been without power for three days now.


Do you think you'd like to work for me?

We didn't see him anywhere.

Few languages have audio-visual isomorphism.

She goes to the dentist every two days.

I worked a bit at my computer.

Jisheng was untidy.

Selling cars is my business.

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Since I'm not so good at swimming, I avoid swimming in water that's over my head.

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I think I won't go to work today.


Such was her fright that she closed her eyes.

I want to believe that everything's all right.

He's kind of cute.

They betrayed me.

You're in pain, aren't you?


Did you go and see Straka?

Kick as hard as you can.

What would you have me do?

I want to go bowling with Tad.

The problem is beyond my power.

Jock dressed up as Santa Claus.

How long were you planning on keeping this a secret from me?


This policy will lead to the marginalization of millions of people.

What can we do for Jordan?

Acidification of the ocean will, in time, threaten the very existence of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Ilya says he feels sorry for Think.


She is reliable, polite and knowledgeable.

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I can't explain the reason for your tantrum.

Written in plain English, the book is suitable for beginners.

I can't imagine loving anybody that much.

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Pascal slept on the bus.


Why didn't somebody help you?

What was it you wanted to ask me?

We will miss you terribly if you leave Japan.

It was me who took out the garbage.

He thanked his host for a most enjoyable party.

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Why don't you read it for yourself?


Due to the fog, traffic is temporarily suspended.

I'll tell them you helped out.

The Way produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three produces the myriad things.


Two children are sitting on top of the fence.


The village was silent.

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We're selling her one of our tickets.


Would you give me some travel brochures from your country?

Juha couldn't find what I'd hidden.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

My father is good with tools and does almost all the repair.

I like foreign languages.

Kenn wants to know when we're going to Boston.

Here's an illustration at the top of this page.

I wish you weren't always so busy.

Clarissa couldn't get any work done because his children kept interrupting him.

I bought a dozen spoons and two dozen forks.

You need your parents' permission if you are going to apply for that.

I still don't understand how this happened.

He was rather shorter with me.


Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.

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I want you to sign this.

It's just a stretch of sand.

I think it's somewhere around here.

Miles truly loves what he does.

Ram's not ready to go.

I'm not prepared for this.

I'll consult with them.

The suspected rapist was taken into custody.

That simply isn't true.

Everyone knows it.

He's a bread lover.


Duncan woke up feeling sick in the stomach.


Cris hasn't cleaned the kitchen yet.